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#tbt ... 4 years ago Zed was having his first photo session and Bilbo was with him, next to him every step of the way. I love this picture of them two... My two boys... Soon to become a trio.
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Acabo de contratar una conexion a Internet. La "instalaron" el virnes y la conexion va mal, a menos de 1MB. El tecnico no dejo ni contrato ni referencia. No puedo contactar con nadie por telefono porque no tengo numero de telefono. Por favor que alguien contacte conmigo ya!

Watched the movie on Sunday and the acting was so bad that I really enjoyed it. Will watch again as a background movie for sure....

Early morning cuddles with Bilbo... Priceless... He is so gentle and so caring and won't let me out of his sight for a minute. We are both eager to see his little brother out... not long now.. not long 🤞
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