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Always choose to be kind. Everyone you meet us fighting a battle you know nothing about.... If it is hard to get grown ups to understand this concept, imagine what it is like to try and explain it to kids... Even trying to model it through our behaviour … leti_fretes photo

A Sunday picture with two of my boys...
Messy hair and pijamas.. what a Sunday should be like.
To get to this nice selfie we took approximately 12 awkward or blurry shots but it was so worth it! Did you take the time today to take a snap of your day?
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Beautiful sunset in The Lake District. A very recent #tbt.

It is always so nice to see our family "north of the wall". Spending time with the ones that loves you is such a balm for the soul... Zed spend precious time with his godmother, aunties, uncles …
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Genial! 🙂 muy buena campaña de Merck... a ver cómo se hace realidad...
Embracing Carers | Merck España

The morning after... Zed was really successful with his truck or treating last night and is "so excited" tie at "all of his candy"... Luckily he agreed to two candies a day... 🧛‍♀️🦇
How was your trick or treating? Did you get many sweets? What are you pl…
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