You know a movie is good when a piece of it remains with you even after years have passed. This specific quote was said by the Joker in “Batman: The Dark Knight”.

And it doesn’t mean only money. As I see it, it can be read like “Don’t let others take advantage of your passion for a thing. Don’t sell yourself short”. If you’re good at something that people want done then why do it for free?

There are exceptions, of course, like when you actually want to do it for free… but don’t fall in the trap of thinking that because you did it once you have to do it every time.

Everyone need some means to get by. If you do the things you’re good at for free, then you need to rely on something else or some other income to get by – presumably something you’re not good at or something you don’t enjoy doing. Giving away your knowledge and talents for free is a great way to stay poor. If you want to succeed, you can’t be afraid to request others value what you do.

What is your opinion on the Joker’s quotation from The Dark Knight?