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About me

Mum of two (dog-son and human-son) with another baby on the way. An Italian expat originally from Paraguay with places I call “home” located in Spain and the UK and married to a wonderful Welsh man. Family is #1 to me.

Graduated in Law (Spain) and with Diplomas in Economics and Marketing I have mostly worked in the Customer Service / Customer Experience, Construction / Property Development sectors.

Throughout my career I’ve been passionate about productivity, time-management, quality, design and the creation of relations and experiences that endure the passage of time.

I have trained, supervised and managed multi-disciplinary teams and complex challenges creating and understanding the processes from bottom to top working in a variety of fields ranging from pharmaceutical promotion, telecommunications and marketing to construction, real state and property development.

Currently dividing my time between the UK and sunny Spain.

Don’t try to be perfect.
Just be an excellent example of  being human

~ Tony Robbins

What I’m doing

Schulz investment group
property investment

Administrator of Schulz Investment Group, a company dedicated to the the real estate promotion and management  in the Costa del Sol.

Project management
real estate development 

Cool & calm, I’m a support ninja  to take real estate projects to completion. I’m working in real estate in Malaga (Spain) and London (UK).

Consultancy services
design & marketing

Helping small businesses showcast their message and set up processes to maximise efficiency in their day to day.


Some of my latest projects.


Get in touch
Short Professional Bio

Marketing aficionado with over 17 years of experience working on real estate, construction,  web consultancy and hospitality projects. Lawyer.


Alhaurín El Grande – Windsor


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